Tom Horan – Host/Producer at Speaking of Golf

“I really like the feedback it gives and helps the player keep their head very quiet and still and over the ball.”


Bob Forman - Golf Fitness Instructor/Educator/Author

“Looks good. Anything to help golfers break the neuromuscular pathway that has them using poor swing mechanics is a good thing. The immediate feedback would inform the golfer that they are moving too much laterally and keep them honest in their takeaways.”


Randy Cross - New York and any of 32 !NFL Cities. at NFL & CBS ANALYST for CFB. 3X SB Champs & 6 X. All Pro

Very cool, who isn't looking for a way to stay behind the ball, make square contact and repeat.


Ian Dawson - Director at Ultimate Golf Travel Network

I like the idea … makes good sense and is relatively easy to implement and get immediate feedback … nice aid and teaching tool… well done…


William Lewis - Entrepreneur / Inventor & Founder of BBC Golf LLC


I just saw your product the other day on the golf channel, fantastic idea.


Brendan Muldoon - C.E.O at Elmer Golf U.S.A and Teaching Pro /Club Fitter at Triangle Golf Center

Fascinating device - I have been using a muscle activation technique on my clients to stop them swaying but your invention certainly has a lot of merit because it's more visual. 


Ronnie Marburger - Golf Professional at PGA Tour SuperStore

Hi Brian , I like your new training aid , as a Golf Professional , I can see instant feed back from my students when using the Tee Square ...


Colin McLeod - Golf Services Manager at Carnoustie Golf Links

Had a look at the video earlier this morning and it looks like all good things simple and effective.


Darren Gass - PGA Head Coach 
St Mellion International Resort & 
Tournament Golf College

Hi Brian 

Looks very simple.. yet very effective! 

Works for me! 

Good luck with it! 

Best regards


David Foley -
Director of Golf 
Dromoland Castle

I have to say its a very simple idea and a great one for those who suffer with swaying. 

It is fool proof and gives the feedback to the player so well done and best of luck with it.



Little Linksters Golf Academy @ Metrowest

LOVE it! I constantly work on eliminating the lateral move with students young and old!